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Cambodia Travel Guide

Starting from the border with Laos, Mekong River flows through Stung Trung, Krache and Kampong Cham, as flowing through Phnom Penh, it is divided into two branches: One flows into the Tonle Sap Lake, one crosses the border between Vietnam and Cambodia at Chau Doc and flows into Mekong Delta...

Throughout more than two thousand years of history, Cambodians living along Mekong River have built up rich and diverse culture with distinguished color. Culture of Cambodia is the adaptation of Indian culture, putting influence on Thai and Laos' culture and being influenced vice versa. In the history, Cambodia used to the most important cultural centre in Indochina.

Cambodia has long history of more than two thousands years experiencing many significant changes in terms of politics and society. Due to these changes, Cambodia is multi-religion country. There are at least six religions existing in the population living along Mekong River which are: Theravada Buddhism, Mahayana Buddhism, Hinduism, Islam, Christianity and Cao Dai.

Influenced by Indian culture, cuisine of Khmer people in Cambodia inherits the quintessence of Indian cuisine and creates new and characterized flavors of their own. Cambodia cuisine shares some similarities with the neighbor of Thailand: curries are among the most common dish in Cambodia though they are less spicy than in Thailand. On the other hand, cuisine of Khmer people has its own characteristics: menu contains more fried vegetables and garlic than cuisine of Thailand. Mekong River, Tonle Sap Lake and a number of streams provide Cambodia with abundant source of fish. As a result, fish is the main ingredient in many Cambodia dishes, making fish become the most important protein in Khmer food. Cambodians have dozens ways of processing fish, each way brings distinctive flavor. Cambodia cuisine includes numerous kinds of noodles, soups, salads, desserts, vegetables, tropical fruits and of course curries. Although there are a variety of noodles, rice is still the major source of glucose. In every meal of Cambodians, there is always a bowl of rice which is often served with at least three other dishes of curries, stir-fried, soups and many vegetables. One of the most outstanding characteristic of Cambodia cuisine is the use of many ingredients: clove, cinnamon, turmeric, ginger, lemon grass, galangal, shallot, cilantro, so on which are complexly blended in processing food. Among these ingredients, pungent fermented fish paste with the name pra-hok and fermented prawn paste named as kapi are the most fabulous typical flavor which in commonly used in almost Cambodia cuisine. Overall, savoring Cambodian cuisine is joyful and adventurous experience. With a variety of dishes, typical flavor and nice-setting, Cambodia cuisine will be an interesting and colorful pieces into the beautiful panorama of Cambodia.

Among ethnics living along Mekong River, Khmer and Cham people have the most characterized culture: from custom to lifestyle, from traditional festival to costumes. Coming to Cambodia, tourists will get amazed by the variety of colors and designs as well as the delicacy in decorative patterns on costumes of these ethnics.

The Kingdom of Cambodia hosts a abundance of cultural and traditional festivals dating back to very early time. All of these festivals and events that are source of great joy & fun, merriment and national colours of Cambodia are exerted by the perception of Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions as well as royal cultures. They play an important role in affecting the behaviors, opinions and options of tourists. These festivals and events are held during the four seasons throughout the country, including some of the most significant regional & national festivals

As compared to Mekong Delta in Vietnam, ethnicity along Mekong River in Cambodia is quite similar. Most of population inhabitants on Mekong riverbank are Khmer people; Chinese, Vietnamese and Cham are some minority groups living among Khmer communities.

Being one of the most gorgeous early civilizations of Asia, Cambodia is a small country with long history. It offers abundant natural beauty attractions as well as old-fashioned charm of rich culture as colonial architecture, outstanding landscapes, magical islands, legendary temples & pagodas, and delicious food. This travel tips below will help you how to see and do, where to stay & go shopping, how to travel, ways to save money and costs information.

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