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Thailand Travel Guide

Starting from Yunan in China, Mekong River flows through the Golden Triangle and then forms the natural between Laos and Thailand in the north before flowing into Laos alone. In the land of Thailand, Mekong River is divided into 8 tributaries flowing through the great area: Ing River, Ruak River, Mun River, Chi River, Dom Noi River, Lam Ta Klong River, Koh River and Tonle Sap River...

Lying in the meeting point of the rich cultures of Asia as China, India and Cambodia, Thailand is one of the most fascinating countries with impressive ancient traditions and culture. In daily life, Thailand's culture is the perfect mixture of Chinese and Thai cultures which are based mainly on Brahmanism & Buddhism, absorb various influences and blind them into unique and memorable Thai, have a deep influence on practices and beliefs of people here. Besides tranquil pagodas & temples as well as authentic Thai cuisines, classical art performences are also the exclusive characteristic attracting thousands of tourists.

It would be a shortcoming when talking about Thailand without mentioning Thai cuisine. The cuisine of Thailand has been famous among the community of gourmets all over the world. Thai cuisine is characterized by its diversity in materials and processing, but remains consistent. In general, Thai food has two common features: the use of strong aromatic components, the combination of all tastes sour, sweet, salty and bitter. First of all, Thai cuisine is strong influenced by Indian cuisine and Southeast Asian traditions. Thai food focuses on lightly prepared dishes and prefers the use of strong aromatic components. Obviously, almost Thai dishes are really spicy. Secondly, the Thai highly ask for the balance in tastes in every dish. Regularly, in each dish of Thai food, there is harmonious combination of three or four tastes of sour, sweet, salty and bitter. David Thom – an expert about Thai food claimed that Thai food is like a complex musical chord in which the beneath can be predicted by the surface. Thirdly, Thai food is generous in using herbs and spices. There are hundred kinds of herbs in which cilantro, lemongrass, Thai basil and mint are commonly used. Special and impressive flavor of Thai food comes from different spices of ginger, galangal, tamarind, turmeric, garlic, soy beans, shallots, black and white pepper, lime, and of course chilies. Thanks to the abundant source of fish provided by Mekong River, Thai people have created a long list of delicious dishes with the main material of fish which will absolutely make diners unforgettable.

Thailand - the Land of magnificent temples, long and white sand beaches, and delicious dishes is also attracted tourists by its characterized culture, among which there is Thai minutely costumes. Thai costume is the subtle combination between traditional and modern fashion.

Like Indochina, the Mekong River flowing through and Thailand have formed unique and colorful culture among which there has been a system of diverse festivals. Almost festivals and events are celebrated aiming at honoring the value of agriculture of the country as well as thanking the nature for endowing them with favorable conditions. Joining in festivals of the Thai along Mekong River, tourists may get overwhelmed by the richness in spiritual life and artistic talent of people living along the river in Thailand.

Thailand is a multi-ethnic country with nearly 70 ethnic groups. Obviously, the population along Mekong River in Thailand is also diversified in terms of ethnicity and religion. Going from the upper to the lower basin of Mekong River in Thailand, there are approximately 6 ethnic groups with different beliefs and customs: Thai, Khmer, Khmu, Vietnamese, Meo and Lahu among which Thai and Khmer are the dominant ethnic.

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