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Mekong River - the 12th longest one in the world and the 7th one in Southeast Asia, flowing through Thailand and puts great influence and plays an important role in locals' life. For Thailand, Mekong River together with Yangtze and Salween River contribute to facilitate the development of agriculture, fisheries and tourism.

Starting from Yunan in China, Mekong River flows through the Golden Triangle and then forms the natural between Laos and Thailand in the north before flowing into Laos alone. In the land of Thailand, Mekong River is divided into 8 tributaries flowing through the great area: Ing River, Ruak River, Mun River, Chi River, Dom Noi River, Lam Ta Klong River, Koh River and Tonle Sap River. The drainage of Mekong River has made up fertile terrain in the northeast of Thailand.

Like in Cambodia and Laos, Mekong River in Thailand is influenced by the extreme seasonal variations of flow annually. Moreover, due to numerous rapids and waterfalls along the entire length of Mekong River in Thailand, it is hard to direct the flow. However, despite some hardness of directing the flow, overall Mekong River in Thailand brings a lot of benefit to this country. First of all, Mekong River provides various source of marine with more than 1,000 species of fishes and 600 species of migratory. Not only favored with bountiful source of food, inhabitants along Mekong River in Thailand are also provided with water source for irrigation, transport and hydroelectricity.

In addition, Mekong River also brings Thailand with tourism potentials: Mekong River is one of the highest biodiversity in the world, many rare and precious species of animals and plants endemic of Mekong River Basin. Moreover, there are several species of largest freshwater fish in the world living in here such as Mekong Catfish, Giant freshwater stingray and other river monsters.

As compared to Laos or Cambodia, the influence of Mekong River in Thailand is not as deeply and clearly to see because it only flows through the northern of Thailand. Hence, it still plays an important role in facilitating cultural and mutual understanding between Thailand and neighbor countries of Myanmar and Laos.

Overall, Mekong River in Thailand is an interesting part of the whole Mekong River in Southeast Asia with distinguished color and culture which will contribute to make up a comprehensive and fascinating story about the Mekong River.

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