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Art Performances in Thailand

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As coming to Thailand, one of the best ways to have an inner look into Thai cultural value is experiencing traditional Thai art performances. Thai people's rich spiritual life is well represented in Thai singing and dancing performances and vice versa these performances are well represented the production of rice and other crops of Thai community.

Art Performances in Thailand

There are a variety of art performances in Thailand diversified by their types and contents; however, they all reflect the richness of natural resources in Thailand of fertile land and system of rivers as well as the community solidarity of the Thai. Community along Mekong River in Thailand has created a long list of unique and interesting performances which is characterized and diversified by regions.

Phleng Kiao Khao (Rice Harvest Song)

Along the Mekong River, people live a joyful life basing on cultivating wet rice on the fertile land enriched by the sediment of Mekong River. As a result, they create a unique art performance of Phleng Kiao Khao – Rice Harvest Song. Phleng Kiao Khao is performed by couples of men and women singing in working context. Their song is like a sharp and amusing dialogue between men and women who are teasing each other.

Phleng Ram Khao San   

Like Phleng Kiao Khao, Phleng Ram Khao San also illustrate the cultivation of rice; however, it brings the color of Buddhism inside. Phleng Ram Khao San is performed by a group of four or five women embark in boat. As rowing their boats along the stream, canals or river, these female performers sing verses to convince the households to make merit by donating uncooked rice. Finally, they will bring their obtained items to the temples for offering monks. This performance vividly demonstrates the life attaching with agriculture and the Mekong River of locals.

Phleng Ruea (Boat Song)

It can be said that Phleng Ruea is the best traditional performance representing the connection between the life of locals and the river. Locals start performing Phleng Ruea when the level of water reaches its highest mark. It is the combination of Phleng Kiao Khao and Phleng Ram Khao San as it has the participation of both and woman and takes place on the water surface. During the performance, man and woman on separate boat will

Li-ke (Music Drama)

Li-ke is one of the most popular stages in the central of Thailand. Li-ke is a kind of music drama with the participation of performers casting different roles in the story. The performance takes place on the stage with a curtain in the middle for setting appropriate the theme of the play. During the performance, actors and actresses sing and dance to the verses and tunes with the accompaniment of Thai traditional chord. Li-ke is such a feast to audience’s senses.

Ram Klong-Yao (The Long-Drum Dance)

Ram Klong-Yao is a unique art performance in festive occasions of merit making at home, monk ordination ceremonies, or weddings of the Thai. Ram Klong-Yao is performed by both men and women wearing glamorously traditional costumes dancing for fun and relaxation. The most special thing of Ram Klong-Yao is the appearance of long drum thoroughly the performance for creating pulse and excitement. Thai people perform Ram Klong-Yao aiming at representing their communal life centered on agricultural work and water as well as praying for peace and natural resource abundance.

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