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Cambodia Festivals

The Kingdom of Cambodia hosts a abundance of cultural and traditional festivals dating back to very early time. All of these festivals and events that are source of great joy & fun, merriment and national colours of Cambodia are exerted by the perception of Buddhism, Hinduism and other religions as well as royal cultures. They play an important role in affecting the behaviors, opinions and options of tourists. These festivals and events are held during the four seasons throughout the country, including some of the most significant regional & national festivals

Mekong River in Cambodia is not only the starting point of life but also the Khmer culture with long-standing customs and colorful festivals. During the long time of settling along Mekong River, the Khmer has made up a unique and frenetic festival of Water Festival.

Commonly known with the name "Water Splashing Festival", Khmer New Year Festival is the most important festival to Khmer Community in Cambodia. As compared to carnival festivals in South America countries, Khmer New Year Festival is no less colorful and frenetic.

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