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Cambodia Travel Tips

Being one of the most gorgeous early civilizations of Asia, Cambodia is a small country with long history. It offers abundant natural beauty attractions as well as old-fashioned charm of rich culture as colonial architecture, outstanding landscapes, magical islands, legendary temples & pagodas, and delicious food. This travel tips below will help you how to see and do, where to stay & go shopping, how to travel, ways to save money and costs information.

WHAT SHOULD DO Show respect to people especially the elders. Remove shoes and hats before entering the worship area Turn off mobile phones and MP3 players

Cambodia riel is the official currency in Cambodia but US dollar is the most useful and popular for tourists to Cambodia. Most hotels, restaurants, boutiques, shops, airlines, taxis and buses set their prices in US dollar.

Beside sightseeing activities, nothing is greater than wandering around busy marker and taking a look at nice items. Cambodia is not famous for luxurious items of famous branches like Hongkong or Shanghai, however, it is an shopping heaven for ones who love handicrafts. Each place has it own markets which sell its own featured goods.

Wars and fights used to severely damage Cambodia's transportation system. However, it was reconstructed in peacetime more modern and convenient. Railways, highways, waterways, airports were upgraded to support country socio-economic development in which tourists was actively facilitated.

With the goal of making tourism become the key economic sector, in recent years, Cambodia has heavily invested in infrastructure. In addition, Cambodia has favorable location, sharing border with Thailand, Laos and Vietnam which makes up various way to enter this country.

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