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Cambodian Lifestyle

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Lifestyle of people living along Mekong River has both common traits of Southeast Asia countries and peculiarities of its own. These Cambodians have distinguished ways of working, living and behaving which makes the unique beauty of Cambodia.

Mekong River – the aortic of Cambodians have brought Cambodians with abundant source of water as well as marine. As a result, most of population habiting along Mekong River lives on fishing and farming. Although being endowed with favorable natural conditions, Cambodians have tradition of hard-working. Regularly, Cambodian peasants leave theirs for farm house before the sunrise and come back home after the sunset. Modern life has made little impact on Cambodians’ life; they still follow traditional ways of farming with traditional techniques. For example, instead of using agrimotor, Cambodian peasants lead their water buffalo to the fields. The main agricultural product of Cambodians living along Mekong River is wet rice which is also their main food. Rhythm of Cambodian life goes along with rhythm of season.  In rainy season, Cambodians plant wet rice and fish on the river or lake. After rainy season, Cambodians often plant palm trees to make palm sugar. Cambodians community living along Mekong River love working and respect their labor outcomes.

Most of Cambodians live in the village and their lives are strong attached with the village from birth to death. All major events like birth, marriage, and death occur within the villages. As a result, they are quite shy but very warm and friendly. Families in Cambodia tend to be extended family. Sometimes, there are up to three or four generations living under a same roof. Cambodians often give birth to many children (often 3-5) because they prefer a big family. Family members in Cambodia share close connection.

Overall, Cambodian society is quite conservative; and most of activities are centered around the family and religion. Mekong River plays an important role in their life. It is not only the source of life but also their pride and satisfaction.

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