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Caodaism in Mekong Delta

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Established in 1929, Cao Dai in Vietnamese means "at the high position". As compared to Buddhism or Catholic, Cao Dai is a new religion with more than three million followers Cao Dai is the combination and fusion of great religions of Buddhism, Taoism and Confucianism.

Caodaism in Mekong Delta

Cao Dai religion advises people to live honestly and harmoniously, do the good things and avoid the evil things. During the construction and development, Cao Dai followers have built up many religious centers: 9 Cao Dai churches and 19 Cao Dai independently operating organizations. In spite of being considered as the “youngest” religion in Vietnam, Cao Dai have put great influence on culture of Mekong Delta. Cao Dai keeps its strict rules and tradition to protect its characteristic, making Cao Dai become the specific religion of Mekong Delta.

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