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Characteristic of Cambodian

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People in each country have typical characteristics: Japanese are discreet, Chinese are cautious and Koreans are emotional. Cambodians also have some typical characteristics that make the unique attraction of Cambodia. Generally, Cambodians are gentle, sympathetic and polite.

The first impression of Cambodian is that they always smile despite being suffered from Khmer Rouge Regime. The reason why Cambodians always keep smiling is still a mystery. It is predicted that Cambodians have tradition of smiling all the time as the giant statues carved in Angkor Wat and Angkor Thom with content smile on their faces. It is also said that most of Cambodians are Buddhist follower; therefore, they learn the way to be happy with everything happen to their lives. No reason is certainly true but overall Cambodians are easy and friendly. Their smiles reflect their kindness and sweetness.

The second thing to talk about Cambodians is that they are deep Buddhist follower. As a result, they are amazing simple and humble. They are satisfied with what they have; hence, they even do not have a little ambition to improve their material lives. To some extent, Cambodians are negatively conservative to protect their belief and religious view. In addition, Cambodians are amazingly calm. They rarely show anger or displeasure on their face. However, if someone makes them lose their faces or tell lie to them, it is difficult for them Cambodian to forgive.

Last but not least, Cambodians are quite shy. They even feel quite uncomfortable to say hello or express. However, they are very sentimental; they will never forget your goodness but remember deep inside their hearts. Expressing their thoughts and opinions to a stranger is something amazingly unfamiliar thing for them. However, for Cambodians, everything must be completely clear: What is right? What is wrong? There is nothing between two contrasting sides.

All in all, Cambodians are really friendly and cheerful who will be great hosts. Just coming to Cambodia, you will absolutely have unforgettable memory with lovable locals and understand better about their unique culture.

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