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Culture of Cambodia

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In these two millennia, Cambodians formed and developed unique Khmer culture under the influence of two factors: Indian culture and long history of habitation along the Mekong River. The golden time of Cambodia was between the 9th and 14th century when Khmer civilization reached its highest.

Culture of Cambodia

Not only owning a vast land and making great influence on neighbors, Khmer empire also comprehensively develop with glamorous achievements in art, architecture, music and dance. Thousands magnificent and palatial Angkor temples like Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Preah Vihear were built in this time, sculpture wows the world today also belonged to this period and Apsara dance was also created and completed during these centuries. The golden time of Khmer Empire has made up the flourished and glorious Khmer culture that put strong influence on Cambodian society today.

It can be said that culture of Cambodia is covered by the color of Buddhism. 95% of the population of Cambodia is Buddhist followers. Going along Cambodia, it is frequent to catch a Buddhism pagoda; a pagoda is not only the religious but also cultural and political centre of the community living around. Moreover, most festivals in Cambodia are associated with Buddhist rituals. For example, the Pchum Ben (take place in September and October) is a day for memorizing departed ancestors; Meak Bochea (in January or February) is for commemorating the last sermon of Buddha. Buddhist teachings have put enormous effect on Cambodian’s life. Cambodians prefer simple, peaceful and humble life. They do not rush for noisy and flashy life. They are satisfied and contented with what they have and aware of how much is enough for them.

Culture of Cambodia is result of long history with glorious achievements in architecture, sculpture, literature, music and dance; together with the widespread and profound influence of Buddhism. These two above things combine to make a distinguished color for culture of Cambodia.

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