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Do and Do not in Laos

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If you are travelling to Laos, either for a short visit or for a longer stay, it is important to know what you should or shouldn't do in this country.

Do and Do not in Laos

Laotians are hospitable, friendly and soft people. They have a very relaxed attitude to life. You should have no troubles navigating Lao culture and interacting with locals as long as you use your head, eyes and your common sense


- Practice a formal greeting for Lao people such as the “Nop” and handshakes

- Dress and behave modestly , especially in religious shrines or temples

- Keep you head lower than Buddha and monks.

- Take your shoes off and leave them outside the house or on stairs when entering a Lao person;s home

-  Accept any water that Lao people serve you even if you don’t want to drink.


- Touch Lao people’s heads

- Expose too much skin

- Wear shoes in temple Buildings

- Touch the Buddha

- Turn your back on the Buddha

- Use plastic bags and return rubbish to towns or villages.

- Raise your voice to Lao people, especially in public.

- Expose the feet when sitting down, rest the feet on tables or chairs and gesture with the feet.

- Step over someone and food

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