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Laos Animism

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Animism is popular religion among ethnic groups living in highland in Laos. The platform of Animism is the belief in phi (spirit). In animist's belief, the power of spirit is the answer for everything happened to their lives: illness, disease, death, so on.

Laos Animism

They believe that universal elements like earth, heaven, fire and water also have their spirits. Moreover, in there belief, each one is protect by 32 spirits inside their bodies. When they are sick, they put blame on the left of any spirit in 32 spirits; therefore, they will have to carry out sacred rituals to call these spirits back. Shaman carrying out sacred rituals plays an important role in animists’ lives. Most of animists worship their ancestor; each house has a small altar on the wall. Overall, each ethnic has different beliefs and practices but all has close connection with the nature.

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