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Laos Cuisine

Not as diverse and artistic like Vietnamese cuisine or Indian-bearing the stamp like Cambodian cuisine, Laos cuisine is absolutely distinct from other countries in Southeast Asia. Cuisine of Laos is the result of being influenced by cuisine of Thailand and Cambodia and the creation of locals. Cuisine of Laos is diversified by ingredients and way of processing. Thanks to abundance source of fish from Mekong River as well as sweet and aromatic rice cultivated on small plains enriched by Mekong River's sediment, Laotians have created a long list of delicious dishes that will make diners unforgettable

Larb is the most famous dish of Laos due to its refreshing and unique flavor. Larb is a kind of minced meat salad. There are many types of Larb in Laos due to its different main materials of beef (Larb Ngua), pork (Larb Moo), chicken (Larb Gai), duck (Larb Ped), or fish (Larb Pa).

Tam mak hoong is a kind of salad made from the main material of green papaya. In terms of material, Tam mal hoong is quite simple with sliced unripe papaya, bean, chili, brined crab, hog plum and lime.

Padaek is a specialty of the Lao living along Mekong River. Thanks to a great sauce of freshwater sauce, Laotians have made up many delicious dishes, among which there is padaek. Padaek is exactly fish stewed in special fish sauce also named as padaek.

Kaeng som continues the list of delicious made from freshwater fish in Mekong River. Kaeng som is a sour and spicy fish soup favored by the Lao living along the "Mother River".

Originating from Lao peopltae, Kai Yang is a popular and delicious food in not only Laos but also Thailand. You can easily find Kai Yang at stall in street markets. Kai Yang is special roasted chicken of Lao people.

Mekong River flowing through the land of Laos not only brings a variety of fish but also many other seafood among which there is clam. With this available sauce of clam, Lao people have created a delicious dish of Lao stir fried clam.

Khao poon is typical spicy rice vermicelli soup in Laos which is also favored in other countries in Southeast Asia: Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia and Singapore. This long-simmered soup includes chicken, fish or pork and seasoned with fish sauce, lime leaves, galangal, garlic, shallot and chilies.

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