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Laos Culture

Being one of the less population densities countries in Asia, but Lao is home to abundant different ethnic groups and tribes, making the diversity in language, traditions and culture. However global modernisation, the culture of Laos is still influenced by Buddhist attitudes, thinking and behaviour, creating the simple lifestyle of Laos people. However, the Lao's art cultural life is very opulent with colorful traditions and customs.

More than one thousand years of habiting along Mekong River, Lao people have not only built up unique lifestyle but also featured cultural value among which there are glamorous dance performances. Dance performances in Laos can be divided into two main types: the classical dance and folk dance.

Quite conservative to preserve their lifestyle and tradition. The first and the most outstanding of Laos people's lifestyle is Buddhism preference.

Each country is distinguished by its cultural features among which lifestyle is as visible as hidden at the deepest of social and cultural life. As travelling in Laos, you may feel the idyllic lifestyle and close connection between people and nature of people in Laos in generally and Lao people living along Mekong River in particular.

Like Cambodians and Thais, Laotians wear glamorous traditional costumes which reflecting the richness of their spiritual life and sense of art. Costumes of Laotians diversified among different ethnics, presenting their distinguished concept about nature.

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