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Laos Festivals

Laos - the country of one million elephants during the long history has built up unique culture, among which colorful and diverse festivals play an important role in painting the color of Laos. Laos have many festivals and events all the year which have close connection with agricultural lifestyle along Mekong River.

Bun Pha Wet is a religious festival taking place in the whole country. This festival is hold in different dates in the first month of the year; therefore, Laotians can exchange invitation with their relatives and friends in different places to join in their celebration.

Magha Puja is another religious festival of Buddhist followers in Laos. Magha Puja takes place on the night of full moon day in February. People hold this festival to commemorate the original teachings of Lord Buddha for over one thousand monks.

Wat Phu is an annual religious festival taking place on the full moon day of the third month in Buddhist Calendar (the same time with Magha Puja). Wat Phu Festival as its name is hold at Wat Phu Temple - one of the most long-standing and sacred Buddhist temples in Champassak Province of Laos.

Laos is the "country of million elephants"; therefore, there is a unique festival to honor this national mascot named as Elephant Festival. This festival has existed since 2006 and promoted by ElefantAsia - an NGO working and protecting this endangered animals in Laos.

Boun Khoun Khao is one of the most important festivals of Laotians reflecting and honoring agriculture of Laos. Also known as the Rice Festival, Boun Khoun Khao take places around the capital of Vientiane - the peaceful and beautiful city on the bank of Mekong River.

Boun Pimai (also called as Lao New Year) is one of the most bustling events of the year. Regularly, Boun Pimai takes place annually in April. Lao New Year last for three days; during these 3 days the whole country stops working and enjoying a great party.

Boun Bang Fai is one of the most unique festivals in Laos. Also known as Rocket Festival, Laotians hold this festival at aim of calling for rain and favorable weather condition.

Laos is the country of revering Buddhism; therefore, Buddhist festivals take place all around the year. In August, there are two Buddhist Lent festivals in Vientiane Capital and nationwide.

Boat Racing Festival is the longest and most ebullient festival in Laos. This annual festivals takes place in nationwide and lasts for 6 weeks (from the end of August to the beginning of October). Right when Buddhist Lent ends, communities along the Mekong River start holding boat races to choose out the best teams.

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