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Lifestyle of people in Mekong Delta

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Mekong Delta not only owns beautiful scenery of bright sunshine, blue sky and fresh air but also frenetic and exciting lifestyle of people here. Highlighted by the livelihood supported by the waterways of Mekong River, the lifestyle in Mekong Delta owns rustic appeal but dynamic and exotic beauty.

People in Mekong Delta have various ways of living. Most of population live in the flat plains near the river and the other part live their floating lives. People living on land earn livings by farming and feeding. They gather to form villages or hamlets and keep close-connection between people in the same hamlet and among hamlets. These people live on planting wet rice, fruits or other agricultural products and feed the castles or making handicraft. Each province is famous for a particular product, for example, Ben Tre fames for its coconut candies and a variety made from coconut, Vinh Long becomes well-known with the making of conical leaf hats.  Another traditional and unique way of living in Mekong Delta is floating lives. It has been clearly and vividly described in the famous movie “Floating lives”. These people accommodate on houseboats, moving their boats between fields to fish or feed castles in flood season of Mekong River.

MekongRiverattaches with many daily activities of people in Mekong Delta. The most beautiful and outstanding image of this lifestyle is floating market. Hundreds of boats gathering on the water surface, each sells a particular product: watermelon, pineapple, avocado, durian or plum, making the crowded and frenetic scenery.

Under the influence of reclamation, people of Mekong Delta have some common and typical characteristics. First of all, people in Mekong Delta are very strong-determined and hard-working. In the process of improving the soil and forming fields or orchards, people have to fight against the harsh nature which made people here not only strong-determined but also creative and sensible. In addition, the wealth of this land produced generous and hospitable people who are always welcome guests with their all sincere heart. One of the evidences is that houses in Mekong Delta are often higher, wider and more open to the outside world as compared to ones in the North and the Central. Moreover, they are quite flexible in many fields of daily life. For example, people in Mekong Delta prefer wearing simple clothes which are convenient and comfortable.

People in Mekong Delta live friendly with the environment. In the early days of settling, natural conditions had strong influence on their lives. For survival, people had to learn the way to adapt and get on well with the new environment. As a result, they got experience to exploit properly and treat friendly with environment. The precious experience has been inherited from generations to generations.

Overall, culture and lifestyle of people in Mekong Delta is the inheritance and development of traditional values as well as the adaptation of new values.

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