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Shopping in Laos

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Laos is an ideal shopping center for ones who love handicraft and traditional things. Stepping foots on traditional outdoor markets, tourists will be overwhelmed by its variety of colors, kinds and shapes. Many things from hill-tribe silks, home-furnishings, to jewelry, arts, crafts and carvings, etc are sold in the Lao market.

Shopping in Laos

Most of products in Lao market are also sold in Thailand, however, there are some unique products of Laos’ hill tribes. The most common product is Sinh – traditional wraparound skirt of Lao women in low land area. Sinh is made from silk, yarn or and decorated with delicate embroidery patterns. Besides, there a wide range of shawls, bags and jewelry which are all nice and delicate. Wandering around market in Laos, tourists will adore the skillful weaving and embroidery technique of Lao women.

There are some big markets in Laos which tourists should not miss. The first is Morning Market in Champasak – a morning market selling fresh meats, vegetables, food ingredients, silk, silver, jewelry, antiques and hill-tribe products. The most famous product in this market is Lao Arabica Coffee in Bolovens Plateau. Another one is Luang Prabang Night Market (open from 17:00 to 23:00) which sells various apparels, ceramics, bamboo, lamps, blankets, bed covers, handicrafts and silk scarves. There are some attractive markets for tourists going shopping in the list below:

In Vientiane: Monument Book Shop, Vangthong Evening Market, Talat Sao Morning Market

Savannakhet: Dao Heuang Duty Free Shop, Savannakhet Market, Savanxay Market

Do and Do not in Laos

If you are travelling to Laos, either for a short visit or for a longer stay, it is important to know what you should or shouldn't do in this country.

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