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Thailand Festivals

Like Indochina, the Mekong River flowing through and Thailand have formed unique and colorful culture among which there has been a system of diverse festivals. Almost festivals and events are celebrated aiming at honoring the value of agriculture of the country as well as thanking the nature for endowing them with favorable conditions. Joining in festivals of the Thai along Mekong River, tourists may get overwhelmed by the richness in spiritual life and artistic talent of people living along the river in Thailand.

The New Year Day in celebrated in nationwide. On the first day of the year, big cities like Bangkok and Phukhet, and major provinces along Mekong River like Chiang Mai, Udon Thani, Prasat Hin Khao

Bo Sang Umbrella Fair & Sankamphaeng Handicrafts Festival are among the most unique of community living along Mekong River. These two characterized activities take place in Bo Sang Village - a place famous for making umbrellas near Chiang Mai.

Chiang Mai Flower Festival is one of the most important and frenetic festivals in Thailand. Taking place in 3 days from the first Friday of February, Chiang Mai Flower Festival aims to honor and promote the cultivation of flowers and decorative plants for which Chiang Mai has been famous

Like Lao people, Thai people living along Mekong River also celebrate Makha Bucha Day. Buddhist followers in Thailand hold Makha Bucha Day to commemorate and honor the event of 1,250 Buddha's disciples congregated for listening to an important sermon.

In Thailand, April is the most frenetic month in a year. Since the beginning of April, life has become busier as people started preparing for the most important festival in the year. Songkran Festival is joyfully celebrated in nationwide for 3 days from 13 to 15 April.

Taking place in Loei Province on the bank of Mekong River for 3 days in the middle of April, Phi Ta Khon Festival is a highlight cultural activity of this quiet land. This festival is celebrated at aim of reflecting the local Isan belief in ghost and spirits.

Candle Festival is the most important festival of the Ubon Ratchani - the ending land Mekong River flows through in Thailand. This festival is celebrated annually to mark the start of Buddhist Lent.

It can be said that boat races is the most popular community-based activity of people living along Mekong River. Traditionally, boat races take place in the beginning of flooding season in several provinces that Mekong River flows through such as Nan, Phiphit, Phitsanulok and Chumphon.

Named as Loi Krathong in Thai language, Festival of Light is the most romantic festival in Thailand. As its name, this sparkling takes place in the evening on the river. On this day, Thai people will float krathongs - lotus shaped vessels nicely and glamorously decorated with flowers and lightened by candles.

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