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Traditional Costumes of The Khmer people in Vietnam

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The Khmer started inhabiting in Mekong Delta since the end of the 17th century. Nowadays, Khmer people mainly populated along Tien River and Hau River in Tra Vinh, Soc Trang, Bac Lieu and mountainous area of An Giang Province. During the co-inhabitation with the Kinh and the Hoa, Khmer people still preserve their tradition and culture.

Traditional Costumes of The Khmer people in Vietnam

In terms of costume, Khmer people adapt the costume of the Kinh; however, in traditional festivals or ceremonies, they often wear their traditional costumes.

The traditional costume of Khmer women is Sampet Chon Kpal. This special dress is made from a wide fabric wrapped around the body and the rest slipped between two legs to make a short and bulging pant. Khmer women wear different types of skirts depending on circumstance. In formal occasions, women wear Sampet Hol or Sampet Chorphum made from silk or cotton in bright colors such as yellow, red, purple, green, brown and decorated with motifs of oval inlays, flowers, stripes. These dresses are usually worn with short and tight shirt, open- neck and short sleeves. In daily life, Khmer women’s costume is quite similar to Kinh people with Ao Ba Ba and Khan Ran on the head or the shoulders.

The traditional costume of Khmer men is Saron (a delicately embroidered dress). Khmer men often wear Saron in special occasions. Regularly, Khmer men also wear black Ao Ba Ba like Kinh men.

In general, traditional costume of Khmer people in Mekong Delta is as formal as elegant and beautiful. Khmer traditional costume shows their valuable cultural identity.

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