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Traditional Costumes of The Kinh people in Vietnam

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As compared to Kinh women in the north who is graceful and slender in Ao Dai, women in Mekong Delta are more casual but no less charming. The traditional costume of Mekong women is Ao Ba Ba. For a long time, Ao Ba Ba has attached with the image of Mekong Delta women and become the aspiration for songs, poems and literature works.

Traditional Costumes of The Kinh people in Vietnam

In terms of design, Ao Ba Ba is quite simple with a pair of silk pants and a long-sleeved shirt with two flaps split equally at the two sides of the waist. The front part of the shirt is usually decorated with a middle button line and two pockets at the bottom. While dark colors like black and brown are often used in making casual Ao Ba Ba, bright and colorful Ao Ba Ba is often worn in festivals and events bringing the formality and charm for Mekong women. Traditionally, Mekong Delta women often wear Ao Ba Ba with “Khan Ran” - a long Vietnamese black and white checkered scarf made of round material and conical hat.

Thanks to the innovation in design, Ao Ba Ba has become more and more beautiful when subtly honoring the seductive curves of women’s body. It is also decorated by exquisitely embroidery detail bringing the discreet and elegance for women in Mekong Delta. Nowadays, in modern life, Ao Ba Ba is still favored by women in all positions: farmer in countryside, tour guides, receptionist in hotels and restaurants and even in beauty contests.

Ao Ba Ba has become the unique charm of Mekong Delta preserved and promoted from generation to generation. Ao Ba Ba and charming Mekong Delta women will surely leave unforgettable impression on tourists.

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