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Vietnam Cuisine

Thanks to the favorable topography and weather conditions, Mekong Delta owns an abundant source of agricultural products and marine. As a result, the main food supply of Mekong Delta includes rice, a variety of vegetables and fruits as well as many kinds of fishes. Thanks to the bounteous source of materials, Mekong Delta has rich cuisine diversified by seasons and regions.

Two branches of Mekong Delta have brought An Giang rich and abundant source of fish among which "climbing" fish are the most delicious ones with toned flesh and tasty crunch. "Climbing" fish are most available in August and September.

Coconut candy is not only a specialty but also a traditional handcraft product of Ben Tre Province. Food artisans in Ben Tre have created and developed the technique of making coconut candies. For a long time, coconut candies have become a major commodity which bring economic benefits as well as introduce Ben Tre food cuisine to the outside world.

In Tan Chau, An Giang province, there is a specialty with funny name of "climbing beef". It is interesting that "climbing beef" does not mean meat of cow fed in mountainous area. However, it has special flavor because it is seasoned with secret condiments. Looking at its setting, we can understand why it is called as "climbing beef".

Located in the coastal northern-most area of Vietnam, Ca Mau is endowed with abundant source of food supply from the tropical forests and the sea that other lands cannot be compared.

Thanks to abundant swamps on the riverside, people in Ca Mau has gained great benefit from feeding crabs. Crabs in Ca Mau are amazingly available and cheap as compared to other places.

Thanks to the popularity of Palmyra palm, An Giang people has made a variety of dishes from palmyra: palmyra sugar, palmyra cake, ice palmyra water, among which palmyra sweet soup is one of the most favored junk food in summer in An Giang in particular and Mekong Delta in general.

Vietnamese at least once listen to the song: "Who is standing in the charming posture of a coconut tree Her hair is flying in the breeze?"

Thanks to the abundant source of coconut and marine from Mekong River, people in Ben Tre have created a special and interesting dish: coconut and marine salad.

Tam Cake is a popular junk food of many places in Mekong Delta; however; Tam Cake in Ngan Dua Town, Bac Lieu Province is the most delicious. To make Tam cake, people grind rice and then blend with cool water to make watery rice flour. This mixture will be cooked with low heat in a long time.

When Hanoi beef noodles have been known by many foreigners and become the symbol of Vietnamese cuisine, Bac Lieu also has spicy beef noodles with characterized flavor of Bac Lieu.

Coming to Bac Lieu, tourists will have chance to savor a specialty of salted fish hotpot. At the centre of Bac Lieu town, there is a restaurant with the name "Miss Seven's salted fish hotpot" is very famous for this food. The most important step of making salted hotpot is cooking the fish soup.

Being surrounded by the immense with bounteous marine supply, Can Tho is favored with many kinds of fish, shrimps, squid, and so on, among which giant shrimp is one of specialties here.

Can Tho cong cake is a popular junk food loved by locals as well as people coming to Can Tho. This delicious cake will attract anybody due to its attractive look and aromatic flavor.

Sizzling Cake is a famous junk food in Mekong Delta. It is named after the sound "Sizzling" when being put into the boiled cooking oil. Sizzling Cake is one kind of Vietnamese fried pancakes made of water rice flour, turmeric powder with slices of fatty pork, shrimp, diced green onion and a few bean sprouts wrapped inside.

Purple Tet Cake is one of the most colorful and beautiful cakes in Vietnam Cuisine. Its outside appearance is quite similar to other kinds of Tet cakes; however, its inside is absolutely gets you amazed.

On the bank of Cai Rang Chanel, there are no dishes more famous and delicious than grilled fermented meat. It is said that, this dish is made by a woman named Tu Khem more than a half of century ago. For a long time, many people have come to Cai Rang just to taste this specialty once.

Coming to Can Tho - the land of "holding people's heart", tourists should not forget passing by Phong Dien to try being a farmer. You will not only enjoy harvesting, sailing boat and catching fish but also savor a specialty of Phong Dien - rice cake & roasted meat.

Thanks to the abundant source of marine from Mekong River, people in Can Tho created a variety of food with main ingredient of marine among which grilled snail soaked in pepper is the most attractive dishes. After boiled in a few minutes, snails are put on the embers.

Every Vietnamese knows a folk-song: "There is nothing more beautiful than lotus in Dong Thap Muoi". Endowed with vast lake of lotus in summer, people in Dong Thap have created a variety of specialties made from lotus seeds, lotus roots and lotus leaves.

It would be a pity if coming to Dong Thap without tasting Lai Vung fermented pork roll. Despite the same formula of making fermented pork roll in almost regions, lai Vung fermented pork rolls have special and unique flavor.

Sa Dec - Style Noodle has been well-known for years. Many people came there just to taste this amazingly delicious food once. Sa Dec - style Noodle has two types: tossed noodle and soup noodle. While tossed noodle is served in plate, soup noodle is served in the bowl.

That Lat is a specialty of Hau Giang which have become a trademark. Only with a fish, people in Hau Giang have created up to seven different dishes from this specialty, in which five-color fried That Lat fish roll is as delicious as beautifully presented. As it names, five-color fried That Lat fish roll have five different colors which will attract diners at the first look.

Along the Mekong River, there are many regions planting pineapple; however, nowhere can be compared with Cau Duc pineapples of Hau Giang. Cau Duc pineapples are so delicious that is honored as Queen of pineapple.

Kien Giang is endowed with the second Halong Bay of Ha Tien and the beautiful island of Phu Quoc. Moreover, Kien Giang is favored with the rich food supply from the sea, among which Trich fish is the most available and delicious.

Fish noodle is a popular junk food of Kien Giang. In spite of being a snack, it takes great time and effort to make a bowl of fish noodles. The main ingredient of Kien Giang - style fish noodles is snakehead fish.

Ha Tien has been known as the second Halong Bay with picturesque sceneries for a long time; however, it is also famous for a specialty: blood cockle. Blood cockle is so popular and famous in Ha Tien that there is a saying: "Coming to Ha Tien without tasting blood cockle is considered as having no sense of this land".

Perch season starts in the late of the forth and the early the fifth Lunar month and last for nearly 4 months. Thanks to the availability of perch, people in Long An have created many delicious food from this kind of fish.

Chau Thanh dragon fruit is the pride of Long An in particular and Vietnam in general. It has become a trademark of Vietnam agricultural products like Nam Roi pomelo or Thanh Ha lychee.

Coming to Soc Trang, tourists not only have chance to take part in bustling festival but also enjoy specialties of three ethnic: Kinh, Hoa and Khmer.

Streaming down the Southwest provinces after the rainy season, crabs are so available that people can catch them easily on the field. In Soc Trang, there is a variety of food made from crabs, in which crab hot pot is a perfect choice for diners.

Tien Giang - the land on the bank of Tien River has been famous for delicious dishes that were written in the history. Coming to Go Cong, Tien Giang, tourists should not miss tasting Nham (Go Cong-style salad).

Tien Giang has been known as the "Kingdom of Fruit" of Mekong Delta as well as the whole of country. Coming to Tien Giang, in any season, tourists will have chance to taste many delicious fruits.

Tra Vinh - Style Noodles is a famous specialty of Tra Vinh as it is not only delicious but also the symbol of unity of ethnics in Tra Vinh. Tra Vinh-style noodles is made from fish sauce of Khmer people, roasted pork of Hoa people.

As mentioning to specialty of Mekong Delta, many people will call the name "Nam Roi Pomelo" immediately. Among many types of pomeloes, Nam Roi Pomelo in Binh Minh, Vinh Long has been chosen in the list of high quality fruits in Fruit Contest.

Cuisine of Mekong Delta also reflects characteristics of people there. Practical is among the most outstanding characteristics of people in Mekong Delta and it is represented in the concepts about food quality. In Mekong Delta, people believe that food must satisfy 3 qualities: delicious, attractive and good for health.

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