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Vietnam Culture

Mekong Delta is a multi-cultural area due to its history of foundation. Mekong Delta is the meeting point of many great cultures. The diversification of ethnics has created the diversification in lifestyle and traditions of people of Mekong Delta. However, there are two main characteristics of the Mekong Delta's culture which are "Culture of Rivers" and "Culture of Orchards".

Cai Luong is an art performance originating and developing in Mekong Delta. Cai Luong (literal translated as reformed opera) is a form of modern folk opera in Vietnam.

Mekong Delta - the meeting point of favorable natural conditions, international waterways and different cultures has built up a common and outstanding characteristic of people here - FORGIVENESS. This characteristic has lead to three main results that directly affect the culture, belief and values of people in Mekong Delta.

First of all, the "Culture of Orchards" is the unique work of people in Mekong Delta in reclamation of this fertile land. Regardless of harsh nature, people have had strong determination of deal with as well as improve the nature.

In addition, talking about Mekong Delta without mentioning the influence of Mekong River on the culture here is such a shortcoming. Hundreds year of inhabiting and make living on the branches of Mekong River has formed a characterized culture.

Mekong Delta not only owns beautiful scenery of bright sunshine, blue sky and fresh air but also frenetic and exciting lifestyle of people here. Highlighted by the livelihood supported by the waterways of Mekong River, the lifestyle in Mekong Delta owns rustic appeal but dynamic and exotic beauty.

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