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Vietnam Festivals

Experiencing thousands of years of history, Vietnam's culture has been developed and enriched alongside. That has created numerous different traditions in diverse areas, especialy in the Mekong Delta, a water region of Vietnam. The region follows a rhythm of countless interesting festivals and events which use the lunar calendar. Most of them honour the spirit of community temple and the village, focused on entertaining activities and ceremonial rites. Let's read the list of information below to broaden your knowledge of Vietnamese's culture and tradition.

Every Vietnamese at least once listens to the song "Dang dung Ben Tre" (Ben Tre girl's posture). Throughout the song, the image of coconut trees has become the symbol of this heroic land. Due to the importance of coconut in material as well as spiritual life of people in Ben Tre, since 2009, there has been Coconut Festival.

Being the greatest rice basket of Vietnam, Mekong Delta deserves to be the symbol of Vietnam Rice. Due to the importance of Mekong Delta in producing rice, it was chosen to be the organizer of Vietnam Rice Festival.

Ok Om Bok is a traditional festival of Khmer people in Mekong Delta. Being one of the three biggest festivals of Khmer people, Ok Om Bok has sacred meaning in spiritual life of these people, making a cultural characteristic of this ethnic community.

Ba Chua Xu Temple Festival is a great festival in An Giang Province in particular and in Mekong Delta in general. This is a sacred religious activity of locals attracting thousands people every year.

For Cham people in An Giang Province, Ramanda Festival is one of the most important festivals in the year. It is such a unique and colorful of Muslim followers in Mekong Delta.

Cow Racing Festival has existed for a long time in the Seven Mountains Region of An Giang Province. Taking place on Sene Dolta day of Khmer people in Mekong Delta (from the 9th to the 10th day in Lunar Calendar), Cow Racing Festival is for expressing gratitude toward ancestors.

Chol Chnam Thmay is an annual traditional festival of Khmer people. In Khmer tradition, Chol Chnam Thmay plays as important role as Lunar New Year of Kinh people. Like Kinh people, Khmer people celebrate Chom Chnam Thmay with the hope for a safe and happy and lucky year.

Whale processing festival is a unique cultural activity of coastal provinces in Mekong Delta. It not only meets the demand of cultural and religious activities of Mekong Delta communities but also helps to introduce culture and custom of coastal provinces to inbound and outbound tourists.

Ky Yen (Cau An) festival is the most important Tuletary God Worshipping in the year of a village in Mekong Delta. Passing generations to generations, Ky Yen festival has become a sacred ritual and traditional cultural activity of people in Mekong Delta.

Buddhist followers take up a great amount of population of Mekong Delta. As a result, Buddhist activities ebulliently are hold everywhere, among which Goddess of Mercy Festival in Bac Lieu Province is one of the most outstanding ones.

Bac Lieu is the birthplace of the most popular art performance in Mekong Delta: Cai Luong singing. Therefore, the death anniversary of the ancestor of Cai Luong Singing also takes place in Bac Lieu Province.

Coming to Dong Thap, tourists not only have chance to enjoy the beauty of vast lakes of water lily and lotus and boundless green paddies but also witness a special festival of Go Thap.

Buddha's birthday festival is one of the greatest and the most important festival for Buddhist followers in Vietnam in general and in Mekong Delta in particular. Due to the importance of Buddhism in Vietnamese society, Buddha's birthday festival is not only a religious festival but also a national festival.

Coming to Can Tho - the land of holding comers' hearts, tourists will not only have chance to enjoy beautiful sceneries, savor a variety of delicious dishes but also witness long-lasting and sacred festival of locals, among which Ong Pagoda Festival is the most outstanding.

Tam Vu is an annual traditional festival of people in Tam Vu Town, Chau Thanh District, Long An Province. This folklore festival aims to revive traditional values, to say a mass for peace of departed soldiers in the fight against French colony’s soul.

The Southern Fruit Festival is an annual activity of Ho Chi Minh City to reflect and honor agricultural products of farmers in the South in general and Mekong Delta in particular. Since the first festival, the Southern Fruit Festival has become a unique tourism product, contributing to mutual exchange in culture with other countries in region.

God of agriculture worshipping festival plays an important role in spiritual life of farmer in Mekong Delta. As the early days in history, when people started growing wet rice, people also started worshipping God of agriculture. Therefore, God of agriculture worshipping festival is one of the oldest festivals in Vietnam in general and in Mekong Delta in particular.

Every year, after Vietnamese Lunar New Year, the Hoa in Tra Vinh as well as the whole Mekong Delta crash to the Ong Bao Pagoda in Dai An Commune, Tra Vinh Province to participate in Nguyen Tieu Thang Hoi Festival - a traditional festival of the Hoa community.

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