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Vietnam Travel Guide

As flowing through the southwestern part of Vietnam, Mekong River's sediment fostered and enriched the Mekong Delta - the rice basket of Vietnam. It can be said that Mekong Delta is the most fertile and the biggest rice supply for Vietnam and the region. Mekong Delta region spreads on the area of 39,000 sq kilometer, however, the area covered by water changes in the season. Most of Mekong Delta' area is flat flood plains in the south, just a few hills in the north and west...

Mekong Delta is a multi-cultural area due to its history of foundation. Mekong Delta is the meeting point of many great cultures. The diversification of ethnics has created the diversification in lifestyle and traditions of people of Mekong Delta. However, there are two main characteristics of the Mekong Delta's culture which are "Culture of Rivers" and "Culture of Orchards".

Located in the heart of Southeast Asia with thousands of years founding and development, Vietnam is a country of a diverse mix of many religions which had strong & deep influence on Vietnamese culture and ideology. The Mekong Delta, a newly settled multi-cultural region, besides its characteristis as rivers, mountains, fruit orchards and natural environment, it also has spirits which are believed to protect humans from outside enemies. The attitude towards spirit, life, death, people and the world exhibits a deep predomination of triple religions including Buddhism, Hoa Hao and Co Di that live in harmony

Thanks to the favorable topography and weather conditions, Mekong Delta owns an abundant source of agricultural products and marine. As a result, the main food supply of Mekong Delta includes rice, a variety of vegetables and fruits as well as many kinds of fishes. Thanks to the bounteous source of materials, Mekong Delta has rich cuisine diversified by seasons and regions.

Mekong Delta is a multi-cultural land with four main ethnics (Kinh, Hoa, Khmer, Cham) living together in harmony. As a result, the cultural diversity is also reflected in the variety of traditional costumes of ethnics.

Experiencing thousands of years of history, Vietnam's culture has been developed and enriched alongside. That has created numerous different traditions in diverse areas, especialy in the Mekong Delta, a water region of Vietnam. The region follows a rhythm of countless interesting festivals and events which use the lunar calendar. Most of them honour the spirit of community temple and the village, focused on entertaining activities and ceremonial rites. Let's read the list of information below to broaden your knowledge of Vietnamese's culture and tradition.

According to the census in 2007, the total population of Mekong Delta is about 17 millions people with diverse ethnics and culture. However, three ethnics of Viet people, Cham people and Hoa people are in the majority of Mekong Delta's population.

Vietnam Mekong Travel Tips consist of numerous useful and attractive information about abundant touristic areas of the Mekong Delta. You will find the nescessary detailed orientation for you about geography, where to visit, where to eat, how to pay, what you should and shouldn't do as well as other amenities as transportation, guides, hotels, etc

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